3 Most Life-Changing Zero Waste Swaps

I've tried as hard as possible over the last year or so to minimise my waste and my own size 3 footprint on the world. But nobody's perfect, and sometimes circumstances get in the way. I've found that despite obstacles (home renovations, travel, home renovations...) several habits have really stuck with me, and have completely... Continue Reading →

How to be an eco-conscious shopper, part 3: Supermarket Shopping!

Supermarket shopping can be a disheartening experience for the eco warriors among us. You're faced with rows and rows of plastic and disposable items that you didn't use to notice and it can make you feel somewhat helpless. But there are ways around these feelings! Here's how to shop more consciously at the supermarket: 1.... Continue Reading →

Fast fashion: the slow goodbye

My name is Ailsa, and I used to be what you might call a shopaholic. I estimate that I bought on average two or three new items of clothing a month (maybe that sounds like a lot and maybe it doesn't, but for me I definitely didn't need that much). I expertly transformed every want... Continue Reading →

Going Green: the Domino Effect

Bonne annĂ©e 2018, readers of Salut Le Monde! The travelling adventures are over, and I'm taking my blog in a new direction: on the journey to living as sustainably as I can. If that interests you in any way, if you are also somewhere along this bumpy road, looking for inspiration, or a place to... Continue Reading →

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